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Pre-Winter Fertiliser

With Winter about to be upon us, now is a great time to apply a late Autumn fertilser application to keep the weeds at bay over the winter months. With rain predicted it couldn’t be a better time to apply which will strengthen the root structure and keep your lawn turf looking great. In early Spring, once the ground warms up again, fertilise once more and this will help to reduce any weeds getting a foothold in your lawn.

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How to have the best looking lawn on the street?

A well-maintained lawn not only enhances your home’s scenic beauty but also provides a refreshing experience for the family. For many people managing a lawn can be quite intimidating as they think it requires immense energy and time. Surprisingly there are multiple handy hints that will help your lawn thrive. However, to achieve the best looking lawn in the street will require some extra effort.

Proper site preparation
An exquisite lawn had undoubtedly near perfect preparation which helped it grow flawlessly and blossom into a complete beauty. Removing weeds physically and spraying them is essential. Turfs provide great weed protection however weed is part of the natural plantation process and therefore needs to be catered for ongoing. Check that the soil depth is at least 100mm – 150mm so your root system establishes properly. To enhance the drought tolerance and moisture retention of your lawn, use quality soil that is a mixture of sand and soil.

Irrigation System
Most people tend to ignore the installation of a proper irrigation system as they presume they’ll look after it themselves. Initially, people tend to be motivated however after certain period, you’ll get lazy with this chore and your lawn will suffer. Therefore pay extra to install an automated system if you wish to enjoy the lavishness of your lawn long term. Adequate water inputs are crucial for survival of any plant even if you are using a turf.

Choosing the right variety of grass
Turf varieties popularity differs according to the location and climatic conditions of the place. Therefore it is important to have through knowledge about the environmental factors of your hometown and scout for a grass most proven for it. Some turfs offer shade tolerance and are quite popular for home usage. Different turfs are designed for different types of locations such as public parks, sports fields etc. so it depends upon your own choice.

Frequent Mowing and Watering
Frequent mowing is essential as it suppresses the lawn’s upright growth and trains it to have uniform density and grow laterally. Another misconception most people face is that they water their lawns too much in hopes to fulfilling its nutrients requirements. Train your lawn to require less water and adjust according to the different seasons. Soil depth, soil type, tears on the lawn surface and seasonal conditions are some factors that influence the water requirement. Water your lawn for longer periods through the irrigation system depending upon the pressure of your irrigation system.

It’s imperative to apply fertilisers onto your lawn in autumn for its effective and timely growth. With a dense lawn, one is safe from weed invasion and could potentially survive the winter season easily.

To maintain a lawn that will impress your neighbors, it’s important to follow these basic techniques and apply them regularly. For extended information on the various turf choices and exclusive advice just for your lawn, Associated Turf is the place to be. We ensure that our clients are knowledgeable enough to make the right choices without compromising on their budgets.

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What Lawn Type is Best for My Garden?

There are a lot of factors that one needs to consider when deciding what kind of a lawn would be best for your garden. Not only does every garden have different needs but everyone also has different preferences when it comes to their lawn.

Turf choices also vary but instant turf makes turf establishment much easier today.

So what are some things one should keep in mind before choosing a lawn type.

  • Aesthetic
    The look of the garden matters a lot to most people. You need to keep in mind how often you mow your lawn and your other gardening habits, so that you can choose a turf which can be easily maintained by you.
  • Natural Lighting
    Not all grass is the same thus they require different levels of sunlight. You need to see how much natural sunlight the garden gets so that you can get a turf which would thrive in the sunlight which will be best suited for what naturally occurring sunlight the garden gets.
  • Soil Nutrient Level
    The nutrient level of soil varies from garden to garden. Proper site preparation with a good underlay is essential for a healthy lawn.
  • Location
    If you live near a coastal area then the turf choice should reflect that. The wind in such areas is salty and can cause damage to a lot of kinds of turfs.
  • Dogs & Pest Problems
    If you have dogs choose a turf variety that is hard-wearing. Also at some stage all turf will have a natural pest problem. When something doesn’l look right, search for the type of pest that is affecting your lawn and treat is straight away before the problem area spreads.
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Watering & Fertilising Lawns

This advice is for turf types sold by Associated Turf.


Tip #1:  It is important to water really deeply and less frequently.

Watering once a week in summer is usually enough, provided the water is a deep one. It’s best to saturate the lawn using a sprinkler for about an hour or more. This will ensure the water gets in deep and it will encourage the roots to follow the water down and grow deeper, making your lawn more drought tolerant.

After a lawn has been in a few years and it becomes very drought tolerant, you may be able to water heavily every two weeks in summer. If it rains, take that into account and water less. In the cooler months lawns rarely need watering if rain occurs occasionally.

A lawn will actually tell you when it needs watering. The leaves will start to wilt slightly. If this happens it is time to water. It is a little more important with Buffalo varieties to not let it thin out due to long periods of drought. Try not to leave Buffalo brown from drought stress for more than a week if possible.

Fertilsing your Lawn
Research shows that autumn is the most important time to fertilise your lawn. Fertilising in spring for most lawn types is not enough. The minimum fertiliser needed by a lawn is twice per year, but that is only if you use a slow release.

Summer fertilising is also important, but in summer it is very important not to use a fertiliser high in nitrogen Too much nitrogen in summer makes the leaves of turf grow really fast, and worse it can make it more susceptible to some diseases.

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Spring is around the corner

With a warmer than average winter that we have been through the ground is starting to warm up and it’s “turf time”.

Have you been planning on renovating your garden? Now’s the time to get your preparation completed by killing off the old grass and preparing the soil. Stocks of all turf varieties are coming back online now and ready for delivery.

Remember great preparation of your soil will result in a tremendous outcome with your new lawn.

Fresh Lawn Turf from Associated Turf Supplies

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Associated Turf specialise in the delivery of premium quality turf for all types of homes at the best prices. We are delivering to suburbs including Edmondson Park, Spring Farm, Riverstone, Oran Park, Gregory Hills, Gledswood Hills, Kellyville & Kellyville Ridge, Marsden Park, Schofields and the Penrith region.

Our turf varieties include hard wearing couch grasses, to the quick healing Kikuyu and the great looking and hard wearing soft leaf buffalo grass Matilda Soft Leaf Buffalo Turf, bred in Australia for Australian conditions.

All of our turf is cultivated on the rich soil on the Hawkesbury river and is cut an d delivered farm fresh using the latest in harvesting machinery to ensure the turf is in perfect condition on delivery or collection. We are turf professionals having been in the industry for over 40 years and are a trusted supplier to many local and regional councils for community open spaces and beautification of suburbs.

Let us help you choose your turf depending upon the amount of shade that your lawn has as this will determine the best variety to be suited to compliment your garden year round.

You have your new house, let us help you to put the finishing touches to turn it into a home that you love going home to.

Kikuyu Turf

Full Sun and looking for turf that repairs quickly?

If you have a backyard that is in full sun and gets plenty of wear and tear, KIkuyu turf grass could be a good option for you.

Kikuyu is a vigorous grower in spring and summer so be sure to keep the edges trimmed or it will invade garden beds in no time at all. With the growing pattern this enables it to recover quickly from wear whilst being quite drought resistance, it’s hardy but needs full sun.  In shade it will thin out and die.

With Kikuyu, all lawns a little different but don’t be afraid to leave the thatch a little higher giving it a great spongy feel to walk on. The great thing with Kikuyu, being a vigorous grower it will strangle weeds.

Talk to Associated Turf for more advice and the best types of turf for your situation.

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Summer Backyard Renovations

The feeling of walking on the soft, moist carpet of grass beneath the feet is an all-time favorite feeling.

With summer on the door step and time to move outdoors, the feeling of walking in the backyard barefooted is a feeling to behold. Along with beautifying the backyard, it serves a purpose as the earths living skin.

Different types of turf?

There are many different types of turf grasses that are available including Matilda Soft Leaf Buffalo,  Palmetto Buffalo, Prestige Buffalo Turf, Nara Native Turf, Stadium Sports Turf, Sapphire Buffalo and Kenda Kikuyu to name a few. In truth there really isn’t a big difference between the soft leaf buffalo varieties.  They all offer minimal differences in aspects like colour, shade availability, water usuage, the ability to withstand wear and tear and disease resistance. The one thing that we have found is that our professional landscape gardeners prefer to install Matilda.

Advantages of Turf Grass

Turfs have been recently proven to be the number one strongest erosion controlling methods out there. Turf is extremely good for the environment as it takes great amount of carbon dioxide and releases large amounts of oxygen adding beauty and health to the area surrounding the Turf. Thus having turf grass is extremely advantageous and is easily available on various online and offline platforms.

Lastly, buying instant turf in a roll has many advantages including rather than waiting for the seeds to grow into grass that consumes more time and water for the grass to grow. Get your new lawn today from Associated Turf and enjoy this summer outdoors with a fantastic looking backyard.

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Fertilising your Lawn

With Autumn now upon us it is a great time to fertilise your lawn. There is still a bit of warmth in the ground and with the temperate conditions through the day fertilising now will give your lawn a great burst coming into winter and will reduce weed growth in the cooler months.

We recommend fertilising 3-4 times per year with a slow release lawn fertiliser or lawn builder which will keep your lawn looking green and healthy. For soft leaf buffalo lawns and kikuyu select a buffalo slow release fertiliser which will thicken your lawn, once again starving weed production.

Fertilising your lawn is essential as your plants need food to build a strong deep root system which toughens the grass through the hotter months and keeps bindies out of your lawn… nothing worse than walking in bare feet and being attacked from the ground up!

Sydney's Hot Weather

Sydney's Hot Weather

With summer well and truly upon us, lawns can get heat stressed very easily. To prevent this from happening good watering early in the morning will enable your lawn to survive and flourish.

Watering at night has the ability to bring on pests to your lawn like curl grubs which live in the roots of plants which can harm patches of your lawn so we recommend early morning watering.

Turf is a living plant to feeding and watering your lawn is essential to maintain it’s health.

Wishing everyone a happy and safe new year.

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Turf Supplies Sydney

Associated Turf has been supplying and laying turf to Sydney homes, councils and commercial developments for over 35 years.

With the latest technology for harvesting and delivery, your turf is delivered farm fresh.

Stocking some of the best brands suitable for Sydney climate and soil conditions including Matilda soft leaf buffalo turf, a premium variety in the soft leaf family which has higher disease resistance and wear ability compared to others in the same family, your lawn will look stunning when comparing to your neighbours.

Turf Supplies from Associated Turf Supplies are guaranteed to transform any area including the home backyard where many a summers afternoon can be enjoyed playing and entertaining in the great outdoors. Once your turn is established and with fertiliser maintenance 3-4 times per year your new turf will remain weed free and healthy. View our simple turf care for establishing a new lawn and watering tips or contact your local turf maintenance company for professional service and advise.

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Lawn Mowing Heights in Spring

With Spring now well and truly with us and a bit of rain and sunshine, lawns are thriving at the moment. The temptation is to to lower the height of the mower so that you don’t need to mow as often.

Surprisingly this actually works in reverse! Lowing the mower height places the turf in shock and to recover it tries to grow faster.

Best practice is to keep nice growth and take the tops off enabling the turf to spread and fill in any patches that looked a little thin.

This time of year keep on eye on the weather and when possible mow just before it rains. Fertilise and reap the benefits of a lush green lawn… oh and yes this will starve weeds from your lawn also.

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Laying Turf in Winter

We often get asked, “Can we lay new turf in winter?” The short answer is yes but the turf will remain dormant until the weather and the ground warms up in spring.

The process of establishing your new turf is the same but will take less water to establish. After a thorough soaking on laying the turf, water 2 days a week for the first 2 weeks and then once a week.  We don’t want to over water and leave the turf susceptible to disease.

In spring, once the warmer weather has arrived, give your turf a light fertilise with a product from the Scotts Lawn Builder range suitable to your turf variety and water in.

Laying turf in winter does have it’s advantages as the turf can be established and ready to thrive come summer time. Talk to Associated Turf about the best turf varieties for your area.

Matilda Soft Leaf Buffalo

Watering your turf in Summer

The warmer weather is fast approaching (woo-hoo), and you’re probably wondering how often you should be watering your lawn in summer. A deep watering once a week in summer is usually enough, provided the watering is a deep one. It’s best to saturate the lawn using a sprinkler for about an hour or more – this will ensure the water gets in deep and it will encourage the roots to follow the water down and grow deeper, making your lawn more drought tolerant.

Laying your new Lawn

When laying your lawn, there are a few steps you need to take:

1. Start at a straight line such as a driveway or walk way.
2. Lay out the rolls, as you would like a rug or tiles.
3. Make sure all joints are butted tightly together without overlapping or spaces between the strips of turf.
4. Stagger the joints in each new row like a row of bricks.
5. Use a large sharp knife for shaping around trees, flowerbeds or borders.
6. Roll the grass to smooth out small bumps and air pockets, but rolling is not essential as the grass will eventually settle.

Watering New Lawn

When watering your lawn, it is recommended everyday for at least the first 3-5 weeks (depending on how quickly your lawn takes to establish). Never let your newly laid turf dry out. Once your lawn has established you can reduce the watering, but your turf will not survive without regular watering on laying. Remember; do not walk on watered areas!

How to choose what lawn is suitable for your garden?

How should you choose what lawn is suitable for your garden? Have a look to see how much sun and shade you get during the morning through to the evening. If your lawn is in a high shaded area, it is recommended to pick a buffalo variety that is suitable for the amounts of shade for that area, as buffalo lawn can tolerate full sun and are more shade tolerant than other turf varieties.

Let’s remember, turf needs a good 3-4 hours of sunlight each day. If you have trees overhanging, prune these back for better sun exposure and a healthy lawn.

Site Preparation

When preparing your lawn for new turf, and you have an existing lawn, it is recommended to use round up on that area, let the lawn die then remove the lawn by using a turf cutter or bobcat.

Lawn Watering and Maintenance

Watering your lawn is the most important part of your lawns health, and is recommended everyday for at least the first 3-5 weeks (depending on how quickly your lawn takes to establish). Once your lawn has established you can reduce the watering, but your turf will not survive without regular watering. Be sure to avoid walking on watered areas!

greenless park

Greenless Park Couch

Greenless Park Couch Grass is a deeper green than other couches, and will tolerate a small level of dampness, making it a good choice for home gardeners who want a fine textured lawn in warm areas, as it doesn’t tend to become as spongy as others. ‪#‎tuesdaytip

Suitable lawn for harsh weather

If you’re looking for a lawn that will suit harsh weather condition like summer heat and winter frost, as well as tolerating up to 80% shade and the full sun, then look no further than the Matilda Soft Leaf Buffalo Turf!‪#‎tuesdaytip‬

Wet Lawn Tip

After you’ve watered your turf, always be sure not to walk on the watered areas. You’ll risk damaging the turf, making it soggy and muddy! For more tips on how to care you’re your new lawn, visit our website – ‪#‎tuesdaytip‬

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Winter Lawn Care

During the winter months, set your mower’s cutting height about 2cm higher than usual to help reduce stress on your new turf. ‪#‎tuesdaytip‬



Too cute! We’d have to agree though… the smell of freshly cut grass is amazing! ‪#‎associatedturf‬

Preparing for new lawn

When preparing your lawn, we do not recommend putting fertiliser in the soil, as this can burn the new turf underneath if not watered in properly!‪#‎tuesdaytip‬

phone cover

Phone Cover

Now these are definitely our kind of phone covers! ‪#‎associatedturf‬

Before laying turf....

For the first 3 to 5 weeks, you should aim to water your new lawn every day (depending on how quickly your lawn takes to establish). Then, once your lawn has established, you can reduce the frequency of watering, however don’t forget that your turf will not survive without regular water! ‪#‎tuesdaytip‬

april fools

April Fools!

Imagine if you’d gotten into work this morning and saw this masterpiece on your desk! Remember, don’t be a fool today! ‪#‎aprilfoolsday‬


Did Easter Bunny lay tracks?

Did the Easter Bunny lay tracks all over your perfect turf this Easter long weekend? Never fear – we’ve got you covered! Visit our website today – to find out how we can help, while you sit back and enjoy the rest of your Easter goodies!

beaut lawn

A beautiful lawn doesn't happen by itself

Through this recent heat wave, your lawn may be starting to look dry and not so healthy. If you choose to mow your lawn, it is best to raise your mower height.
If you get a chance this weekend, we also recommend giving your lawn a very deep watering.
If in doubt, give us a shout! 1800 044 006


Hello Autumn

Autumn… The days get shorter, the temperature gets cooler and the need to mow your lawn as regularly reduces!
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turf choice

Choosing Turf

Choosing the right turf for your lawn isn’t always easy. When looking at Turf Varieties on our website, you will see the Turf Overview image. This will give you a good idea what turf will suit your yard.
And if you are still in doubt, give us a shout! 1800 044 006

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Summer Watering

On hot days like today, you will want to water your lawn. Did you know the perfect time to water your lawn is early in the morning? Unless you are using a system that places the water directly into the dirt, watering in the hottest time of the day causes the sun to magnify off the water, leaving you with a burnt lawn.