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Matilda Soft Leaf Buffalo – Voted #1 Turf by Landscape Gardeners

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Associated Turf for Superior lawn and turf supplies

Associated Turf Supplies, located in Sydney’s North West on the Hawkesbury River is a leading turf farm growing quality lawn and turf supplies for the Sydney Metropolitan area. For over 40 years Associated Turf have provided spectacular lawn solutions to home owners and commercial sites throughout the Sydney metro area including the Central Coast and interstate.

Our turf is widely used in all areas including the home front and backyards to larger areas including ovals and commercial sites where Associated Turf is a preferred supplier to many councils and large landscape contractors.

The turf farm is located on the rich soils of Cornwallis Flats where our turf has won many awards from the Turf Growers Association which Associated Turf Supplies are members of (T.G.A #002).

All of our trucks are fitted with forklifts enabling ease of delivery. We accept payment by credit card, COD or accounts can be created upon credit approval.

Please contact our staff at Associated Turf Supplies to help with all of your enquiries and finding the best variety of turf for your new lawn from our award winning turf farm.

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Matilda Soft Leaf Buffalo

Matilda Soft Leaf Buffalo

Australian Bred and designed to suit our harsh weather conditions including summer heat and winter frosts. Matilda has a rich green colour and is an evergreen soft leaf buffalo grass. Talk to Associated Turf Supplies about Matilda Turf today.

Shademaster Soft Leaf Buffalo

Shademaster Soft Leaf Buffalo

Shademaster is a soft broad leaf buffalo grass and is 85% shade tolerant whilst thriving in full sun. It has a nice dark bottle green colour that is thick and spongy making it a great all rounder, particularly kind to children.

Greenlees Park Couch Grass

Greenlees Park Couch Grass

Greenlees Park couch grass has a deeper green than other couches and is ideal for bowling greens, golf courses, front and back yards. This turf will go brown if in frosty areas but has excellent heat tolerance and general wear.

Kikuyu Turf

Kikuyu Turf Grass

Kikuyu is fast growing, hardy and likes good drainage. Will usually grow in any soil and needs full sun for best presentation. Very strong grass but is still quite soft to sit on and very economical for replacement if turf wears out.

Wintergreen Couch Grass

Wintergreen Couch Grass

Wintergreen Couch Grass is a top of the range couch. It is very slow growing turf with very fine blade and a good deep green colour which compliments garden beds and rockeries because of it’s thick mat and fine blade.

Maxi Turf Laying Service

Maxi Turf Laying Service

We offer a great maxi turf laying service. Maxi rolls are used for open areas with easy access e.g parks, sport ovals, golf courses, acreage etc. The maxi laying machine leaves a neater finish with less joins which helps the turf to establish quicker.

See how Matilda Turf ranks against other varieties of Buffalo Grass at

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Sydney Lawn and Turf Supplies

Fertilising your Lawn

With Autumn now upon us it is a great time to fertilise your lawn. There is still a bit of warmth in the ground and with the temperate conditions through the day fertilising now will give your lawn a great burst coming into winter and will reduce weed growth in the cooler months.

We recommend fertilising 3-4 times per year with a slow release lawn fertiliser or lawn builder which will keep your lawn looking green and healthy. For soft leaf buffalo lawns and kikuyu select a buffalo slow release fertiliser which will thicken your lawn, once again starving weed production.

Fertilising your lawn is essential as your plants need food to build a strong deep root system which toughens the grass through the hotter months and keeps bindies out of your lawn… nothing worse than walking in bare feet and being attacked from the ground up!

Sydney's Hot Weather

Sydney's Hot Weather

With summer well and truly upon us, lawns can get heat stressed very easily. To prevent this from happening good watering early in the morning will enable your lawn to survive and flourish.

Watering at night has the ability to bring on pests to your lawn like curl grubs which live in the roots of plants which can harm patches of your lawn so we recommend early morning watering.

Turf is a living plant to feeding and watering your lawn is essential to maintain it’s health.

Wishing everyone a happy and safe new year.

Turf Supplies Sydney

Turf Supplies Sydney

Associated Turf has been supplying and laying turf to Sydney homes, councils and commercial developments for over 35 years.

With the latest technology for harvesting and delivery, your turf is delivered farm fresh.

Stocking some of the best brands suitable for Sydney climate and soil conditions including Matilda soft leaf buffalo turf, a premium variety in the soft leaf family which has higher disease resistance and wear ability compared to others in the same family, your lawn will look stunning when comparing to your neighbours.

Sydney Lawn and Turf Supplies

Lawn Mowing Heights in Spring

With Spring now well and truly with us and a bit of rain and sunshine, lawns are thriving at the moment. The temptation is to to lower the height of the mower so that you don’t need to mow as often.

Surprisingly this actually works in reverse! Lowing the mower height places the turf in shock and to recover it tries to grow faster.

Best practice is to keep nice growth and take the tops off enabling the turf to spread and fill in any patches that looked a little thin.

This time of year keep on eye on the weather and when possible mow just before it rains. Fertilise and reap the benefits of a lush green lawn… oh and yes this will starve weeds from your lawn also.

Fresh Lawn Turf from Associated Turf Supplies

Turf for new homes

Associated Turf specialise in the delivery of premium quality turf for all types of homes at the best prices. We are delivering to suburbs including Edmondson Park, Spring Farm, Riverstone, Oran Park, Gregory Hills, Gledswood Hills, Kellyville & Kellyville Ridge, Marsden Park, Schofields and the Penrith region.

Our turf varieties include hard wearing couch grasses, to the quick healing Kikuyu and the great looking soft leaf buffalo grass Matilda, bred in Australia for Australian conditions.

You have your new house, let us help you to put the finishing touches to turn it into a home that you love going home to.

Turf Growers Associated Turf Supplies

Spring is around the corner

With a warmer than average winter that we have been through the ground is starting to warm up and it’s “turf time”.

Have you been planning on renovating your garden? Now’s the time to get your preparation completed by killing off the old grass and preparing the soil. Stocks of all turf varieties are coming back online now and ready for delivery.

Remember great preparation of your soil will result in a tremendous outcome with your new lawn.

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Turf Varieties for Sydney Homes

The turf varieties grown by Associated Turf Supplies have been selected for their suitability to the Sydney climate.  Matilda Soft Leaf Buffalo is one such variety that thrives in the Sydney climate and with care throughout the year will ensure that your lawn remains weed free and soft to walk and play on.

Soft leaf buffalo varieties have come a long way from a few years ago, the leaf is now much softer, the thatch is less, it is more disease resistant, best of all Matilda is hard wearing, shade resistant and pet friendly.

Matilda Turf keeps it’s colour all year round and is extremely drought tolerant, in saying that it is a living plant so does require watering. We recommend that your lawn is fertilised 3-4 times a year also to keep it strong and healthy.

If your looking for turf for a new lawn, look no further than Matilda Soft Leaf Buffalo, a premium quality turf variety made for the Sydney climate.

Commercial Turf Solutions

Associated Turf Supplies has been a preferred supplier for landscape gardeners, builders, councils and alike with quality turf for over 40 years.

All of our turf comes direct from our farm located on the Cornwallis Flats on the rich soils on the Hawkesbury River. From soft leaf buffalo varieties through to couch grasses our turf is harvested when you place an order and delivered. We take pride in our customer service and strive to meet all requests.

We offer a maxi turf laying service also for large jobs that makes turf laying… easy! The turf rolls are larger meaning less joints and quicker establishment. Ideal for ovals, large communal areas or anywhere that large scale turfing is needed.

To find out more talk to us today on how Associated Turf can help with your next project.