Shademaster Buffalo Turf Supplies for Sydney Lawns and Gardens

Shademaster Buffalo Turf is a great solution when you have trees casting shadows on your lawn

With Shademaster Turf, where other turf varieties need lots of full sun, Shademaster, with it’s braoder leaf will grow in hard to grow areas… but remember all types of turf do require sunlight during the day to survive as it is a living plant.

Shademaster Soft Leaf Buffalo
  • Soft broad leaf
  • 85% shade tolerant
  • Thrives in full sun
  • Nice dark / bottle green in colour
  • Less susceptible to fungus
  • Medium growth rate
  • Thick, spongy turf makes it a great all rounder, particularly kind to children

Shademaster is the answer when trying to grow lawn in shaded areas. Because it has a wide leaf blade and hardy growth habit, Shademaster will persist in difficult growing conditions.

Shademaster will compete with surrounding vegetation for available nutrients and moisture and will also grow well in full sun.

During winter and the colder months it develops purple tips which are temperature and not frost related.  Not suitable in humid areas. Ideal for shaded lawns Deep root system. Wide leaf blade Green all year round Low maintenance lawn

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