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Associated Turf - Instant Turf Grass & Lawn Suppliers

Associated Turf for Superior lawn and turf supplies

Associated Turf is a leading turf grower and supplier in the Sydney Metropolitan area. For over 30 years we have provided spectacular lawn solutions to home owners and commercial sites in the Sydney metro area as well as the Central Coast and interstate.

Our turf is widely used in all areas including the home backyard to larger areas including ovals, where Associated Turf is a preferred supplier to many councils and large landscape contractors.

Our turf is fully cultivated on the rich soil of Cornwallis Flats. The turf grown has won many awards from the Turf Growers Association which Associated are a member of (T.G.A #002).

All of our trucks are fitted with forklifts enabling ease of delivery. We accept payment by cheque, cash or credit card and accounts can be set up with credit approval. Our staff are available to help with all of your enquiries.

Lush lawns.... No problems.... Superior turf solutions....

Our Products and Services include

Associated Turf for Lawn and Turf Supplies to transform your garden or commercial space.

matilda soft leaf buffalo

Matilda Soft Leaf Buffalo Turf

Australian Bred and designed to suit our harsh weather conditions including summer heat and winter frosts). Matilda has a rich green colour and is an evergreen soft leaf buffalo grass.

shademaster buffalo turf

Shademaster Soft Leaf Buffalo

Shademaster is a soft broad leaf buffalo grass and is 85% shade tolerant whilst thriving in full sun. It has a nice dark bottle green colour that is thick and spongy making it a great all rounder, particularly kind to children.

greenlees park turf

Greenlees Park Couch Grass

Greenlees Park couch grass has a deeper green than other couches and is ideal for bowling greens, golf courses, front and back yards. This turf will go brown if in frosty areas but has excellent heat tolerance and general wear.

kikuyu turf grass

Kikuyu Turf

Kikuyu is fast growing, hardy and likes good drainage. Will usually grow in any soil and needs full sun for best presentation. Very strong grass but is still quite soft to sit on and very economical for replacement if turf wears out

wintergreen turf grass

Wintergreen Couch Grass

Wintergreen Couch Grass is a top of the range couch. It is very slow growing turf with very fine blade and a good deep green colour which compliments garden beds and rockeries because of it's thick mat and fine blade.

turf laying

Maxi Turf Laying Service

We offer a great maxi turf laying service. Maxi rolls are used for open areas with easy access e.g parks, sport ovals, golf courses, acreage etc. The maxi laying machine leaves a neater finish with less joins which helps the turf to establish quicker.

See how Matilda Turf ranks against other varieties of Buffalo Grass at

Quality lawn and turf solutions....

latest news

Laying your new Lawn

When laying your lawn, there are a few steps you need to take:
1. Start at a straight line such as a driveway or walk way.
2. Lay out the rolls, as you would like a rug or tiles. .. more

Watering Newly Laid Turf

When watering your lawn, it is recommended everyday for at least the first 3-5 weeks (depending on how quickly your lawn takes to establish). Never let your newly laid turf dry out. Once your lawn has established you can reduce the watering, but your turf will not survive without regular watering on laying. Remember; do not walk on watered areas!

What lawn is suitable for your garden?

How should you choose what lawn is suitable for your area? Have a look to see how much sun and shade you get during the morning through to the evening. If your lawn is in a high shaded area, it is recommended to pick a buffalo variety that is suitable for the amounts of shade for that area, as buffalo lawn can tolerate full sun and are more shade tolerant than other turf varieties. Let's remember, turf needs a good 3-4 hours of sunlight each day. If you have trees overhanging, prune these back for a healthy lawn.

Site Preparation

When preparing your lawn for new turf, and you have an existing lawn, it is recommended to use round up on that area, let the lawn die then remove the lawn by using a turf cutter or bobcat.

Suitable lawn for harsh weather

If you're looking for a lawn that will suit harsh weather condition like summer heat and winter frost, as well as tolerating up to 80% shade and the full sun, then look no further than the Matilda Soft Leaf Buffalo Turf!‪

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