Matilda Turf Supplies Sydney
The feeling of walking on the soft, moist carpet of grass beneath the feet is an all-time favorite feeling.With summer on the door step and time to move outdoors, the feeling of walking in the backyard barefooted is a feeling to behold. Along with beautifying the backyard, it serves a purpose as the earths living skin.Different types of turf?There are many different types of turf grasses that are available including Matilda Soft Leaf Buffalo,  Palmetto Buffalo, Prestige Buffalo Turf, Nara Native Turf, Stadium Sports Turf, Sapphire Buffalo and Kenda Kikuyu to name a few. In truth there really isn't a big difference between the soft leaf buffalo varieties.  They all offer minimal differences in aspects like colour, shade availability, water usuage, the ability to withstand wear and tear and disease resistance. The one thing that we have found is that our professional landscape gardeners prefer to install Matilda.Advantages of Turf GrassTurfs have been recently proven to be the number one strongest erosion controlling methods out there. Turf is extremely good for the environment as it takes great amount of carbon dioxide and releases large amounts of oxygen adding beauty and health to the area surrounding the Turf. Thus having turf grass is extremely advantageous and is easily available on various online and offline platforms.Lastly, buying instant turf in a roll has many advantages including rather than waiting for the seeds to grow into grass that consumes more time and water for the grass to grow. Get your new lawn today from Associated Turf and enjoy this summer outdoors with a fantastic looking backyard.