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Emerging Green: Associated Turf Expands Reach to Sydney’s New Suburbs

In the ever-expanding urban sprawl of Sydney, new suburbs aren’t just additions to the city map; they’re burgeoning communities where families put down roots and businesses thrive. Amidst this growth, Associated Turf has emerged as a vital player, supplying lush greenery that transforms houses into...
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Buffalo Turf vs Couch Grass: Choosing the Best for Your Home Lawn

When it comes to creating a lush, green lawn, the choice of turf grass can significantly impact the overall look and maintenance requirements of your outdoor space. Two popular options that Aussie homeowners often consider are Buffalo turf and Couch grass. Each type has its...

Why Planting Turf in Winter is a Great Idea

When it comes to establishing a lush, green lawn, timing is everything. While many might assume that spring and summer are the ideal seasons for planting turf, winter actually presents some unique advantages. Associated Turf, a leading provider of high-quality turf solutions, highlights why winter...
Matilda Soft Leaf Buffalo

Matilda Turf: The Perfect Choice for Sydney’s Lush Landscapes

Are you keen to transform your Sydney property into a vibrant oasis? Look no further than Matilda Turf - the ultimate solution for creating lush, green landscapes that thrive in the unique climate of Sydney. With its exceptional resilience, striking appearance, and low maintenance requirements,...

Revealing the Green Haven: Associated Turf Supplies Sydney

In the realm of landscaping, where every blade of grass counts, Associated Turf Supplies Sydney emerges as a beacon of quality and reliability. Situated in the heart of Australia's bustling metropolis, this premier provider of turf grass offers more than just lush greenery—it presents a...
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Transform Your Outdoor Space with Quality Turf Supplies

A lush, green lawn is often the centerpiece of any outdoor space, adding beauty, functionality, and value to your property. Whether you're a homeowner looking to enhance your backyard oasis or a landscaper working on a client's project, the key to achieving a stunning lawn...
Matilda Soft Leaf Buffalo

The Green Oasis: Transforming Your Sydney Home with Associated Turf Supplies

A well-maintained lawn can effortlessly elevate the aesthetics of your property, creating an inviting and refreshing ambiance for you and your family to enjoy. Whether you're a proud homeowner, a landscaping enthusiast or a business owner looking to enhance your outdoor space, Associated Turf Supplies...
Matilda Soft Leaf Buffalo Turf

Autumn Turf Fertiliser

With Summer coming to an end soon, now is a perfect time to apply a late summer / early autumn lawn fertiliser treatment to enable a strong and healthy lawn over the winter months. Pretty much any fertiliser will do but we have found Scotts...
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Pre-Winter Fertiliser

With Winter about to be upon us, now is a great time to apply a late Autumn fertilser application to keep the weeds at bay over the winter months. With rain predicted it couldn't be a better time to apply which will strengthen the root...
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Online Turf Quote

Need a turf quote for your new lawn? You can get one on our website! It’s as easy as filling out your details on the form, and one of our friendly staff members will get back to you as soon as possible.Click here to get your...
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How to have the best looking lawn on the street?

A well-maintained lawn not only enhances your home’s scenic beauty but also provides a refreshing experience for the family. For many people managing a lawn can be quite intimidating as they think it requires immense energy and time. Surprisingly there are multiple handy hints that...
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What Lawn Type is Best for My Garden?

There are a lot of factors that one needs to consider when deciding what kind of a lawn would be best for your garden. Not only does every garden have different needs but everyone also has different preferences when it comes to their lawn.Turf choices...
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Watering & Fertilising Lawns

This advice is for turf types sold by Associated Turf.WateringTip #1:  It is important to water really deeply and less frequently.Watering once a week in summer is usually enough, provided the water is a deep one. It’s best to saturate the lawn using a sprinkler...
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Spring is around the corner

With a warmer than average winter that we have been through the ground is starting to warm up and it's "turf time".Have you been planning on renovating your garden? Now's the time to get your preparation completed by killing off the old grass and preparing...
Kikuyu Turf

Full Sun and looking for turf that repairs quickly?

If you have a backyard that is in full sun and gets plenty of wear and tear, KIkuyu turf grass could be a good option for you.Kikuyu is a vigorous grower in spring and summer so be sure to keep the edges trimmed or it...
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Summer Backyard Renovations

The feeling of walking on the soft, moist carpet of grass beneath the feet is an all-time favorite feeling.With summer on the door step and time to move outdoors, the feeling of walking in the backyard barefooted is a feeling to behold. Along with beautifying...
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Fertilising your Lawn

With Autumn now upon us it is a great time to fertilise your lawn. There is still a bit of warmth in the ground and with the temperate conditions through the day fertilising now will give your lawn a great burst coming into winter and...
Sydney's Hot Weather

Sydney’s Hot Weather

With summer well and truly upon us, lawns can get heat stressed very easily. To prevent this from happening good watering early in the morning will enable your lawn to survive and flourish.Watering at night has the ability to bring on pests to your lawn...
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Turf Supplies Sydney

Associated Turf has been supplying and laying turf to Sydney homes, councils and commercial developments for over 35 years.With the latest technology for harvesting and delivery, your turf is delivered farm fresh.Stocking some of the best brands suitable for Sydney climate and soil conditions including Matilda...
Sydney Lawn and Turf Supplies

Lawn Mowing Heights in Spring

With Spring now well and truly with us and a bit of rain and sunshine, lawns are thriving at the moment. The temptation is to to lower the height of the mower so that you don't need to mow as often.Surprisingly this actually works in...
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Laying Turf in Winter

We often get asked, "Can we lay new turf in winter?" The short answer is yes but the turf will remain dormant until the weather and the ground warms up in spring.The process of establishing your new turf is the same but will take less...
Matilda Soft Leaf Buffalo

Watering your turf in Summer

The warmer weather is fast approaching (woo-hoo), and you're probably wondering how often you should be watering your lawn in summer. A deep watering once a week in summer is usually enough, provided the watering is a deep one. It's best to saturate the lawn...

Laying your new Lawn

When laying your lawn, there are a few steps you need to take:1. Start at a straight line such as a driveway or walk way. 2. Lay out the rolls, as you would like a rug or tiles. 3. Make sure all joints are butted tightly together...

Watering New Lawn

When watering your lawn, it is recommended everyday for at least the first 3-5 weeks (depending on how quickly your lawn takes to establish). Never let your newly laid turf dry out. Once your lawn has established you can reduce the watering, but your turf...

How to choose what lawn is suitable for your garden?

How should you choose what lawn is suitable for your garden? Have a look to see how much sun and shade you get during the morning through to the evening. If your lawn is in a high shaded area, it is recommended to pick a...

Site Preparation

When preparing your lawn for new turf, and you have an existing lawn, it is recommended to use round up on that area, let the lawn die then remove the lawn by using a turf cutter or bobcat.

Lawn Watering and Maintenance

Watering your lawn is the most important part of your lawns health, and is recommended everyday for at least the first 3-5 weeks (depending on how quickly your lawn takes to establish). Once your lawn has established you can reduce the watering, but your turf...
greenless park

Greenless Park Couch

Greenless Park Couch Grass is a deeper green than other couches, and will tolerate a small level of dampness, making it a good choice for home gardeners who want a fine textured lawn in warm areas, as it doesn't tend to become as spongy as...

Suitable lawn for harsh weather

If you're looking for a lawn that will suit harsh weather condition like summer heat and winter frost, as well as tolerating up to 80% shade and the full sun, then look no further than the Matilda Soft Leaf Buffalo Turf!‪#‎tuesdaytip‬

Wet Lawn Tip

After you've watered your turf, always be sure not to walk on the watered areas. You'll risk damaging the turf, making it soggy and muddy! For more tips on how to care you're your new lawn, visit our website - ‪#‎tuesdaytip‬
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Winter Lawn Care

During the winter months, set your mower's cutting height about 2cm higher than usual to help reduce stress on your new turf. ‪#‎tuesdaytip‬


Too cute! We'd have to agree though... the smell of freshly cut grass is amazing! ‪#‎associatedturf‬

Preparing for new lawn

When preparing your lawn, we do not recommend putting fertiliser in the soil, as this can burn the new turf underneath if not watered in properly!‪#‎tuesdaytip‬
phone cover

Phone Cover

Now these are definitely our kind of phone covers! ‪#‎associatedturf‬

Before laying turf….

For the first 3 to 5 weeks, you should aim to water your new lawn every day (depending on how quickly your lawn takes to establish). Then, once your lawn has established, you can reduce the frequency of watering, however don't forget that your turf...
april fools

April Fools!

Imagine if you'd gotten into work this morning and saw this masterpiece on your desk! Remember, don't be a fool today! ‪#‎aprilfoolsday‬

Did Easter Bunny lay tracks?

Did the Easter Bunny lay tracks all over your perfect turf this Easter long weekend? Never fear - we've got you covered! Visit our website today - to find out how we can help, while you sit back and enjoy the rest of your Easter goodies!
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A beautiful lawn doesn’t happen by itself

Through this recent heat wave, your lawn may be starting to look dry and not so healthy. If you choose to mow your lawn, it is best to raise your mower height. If you get a chance this weekend, we also recommend giving your lawn a...

Hello Autumn

Autumn... The days get shorter, the temperature gets cooler and the need to mow your lawn as regularly reduces! ‪#‎associatedturf‬ ‪#‎autumn‬ ‪#‎lawncare‬
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Choosing Turf

Choosing the right turf for your lawn isn't always easy. When looking at Turf Varieties on our website, you will see the Turf Overview image. This will give you a good idea what turf will suit your yard. And if you are still in doubt, give...

Summer Watering

On hot days like today, you will want to water your lawn. Did you know the perfect time to water your lawn is early in the morning? Unless you are using a system that places the water directly into the dirt, watering in the hottest...